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Bus Rider Daily Attendance

Instant access on our cloud based system to the total amount of students depaturing on the bus, the bus number the student is riding, and the exact departure times of all bus riders each day the moment they are scanned.

After School Simplified

Pencil and paper are a thing of the past with SafetyCheckIn. Automatic student billing, instant check in times, live count of students and more with our touchless scanning system for after school programs.

Patented 3 Card System

Eliminate confusion after school with our color coded card system. Car line, bus line, and on site after school programs each have different colored dual sided tags that clip to students backpacks allowing school administrators to easily verify that a student is in the correct area after school.

Safety With A Scan

Safety Check In organizes what can be the most chaotic part of the day, the after school period. Utilizing a color coded touchless barcode system, each child will receive a badge that clips to their backpack which is color coded based on the students after school plans for departure. Our proprietary, patented program allows staff to scan student’s tags with a hand-held barcode scanner and tablet that sends the information in real time to the office staff or the school’s after school program.

Color Coded Tags

Our color coded system gives school administrators a great visual cue that students are in the correct line as each after school destination has different colored tags.

Record Keeping

A daily departure record is kept electronically for school administrators on our web based platform, making safety a top priority in your school.

Cloud Based Platform

This cutting edge technology makes it possible for the first time to have attendance taken on your school buses and eliminates pencil and paper if your school has an after school program on site.


Bus Line

Eliminate the confusion with the bus line. Simply scan students dual-sided tag and your office personnel will have instant access to the students riding the bus. The record also includes the bus number, exact departure time, and stores a record of this information.

After School Program

Eliminate the need for paper and pencil check in. Our all in one system allows users to get an immediate check in time for after school while automatically billing each student the moment they are scanning into the program.

Day Care

Eliminate the need to check in and bill each child manually. Our all in one system allows day care users to get an instant check in time, live count of students checked in, and automatically bills each child the moment you scan them into your day care.


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